About 5 Minute Leader

About Us5 Minute Leadership” offers a variety of interactive training systems customized to you, your ministry and or your church. Our goal is to help you develop personally and in turn help your ministry or organization develop. 

We’re here to assist people in ministry – pastors, ministry leaders, church leaders and denominational leaders, by empowering and educating you to create and grow yourself and your ministry. Through consulting, coaching, mentoring, and education we support and encourage ministry oriented people to become a better, more equipped and improved versions of themselves.

We help leadership stay passionate about their vision, passion and calling, which keeps us passionate about our own. Our training style puts a strong emphasis on interactive instruction, and is 100% customized to each client based on their ministry needs, their challenges, and their goals.

We had helped pastors, church leadership teams, ministry teams and denominational leadership all over the United States build and find successful solutions to real-world challenges, leading to drastic improvements in personal and leadership development, disciple making, organizational systems, financial growth and numerical growth.

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