Motivation BuildingWhat is Motivation?

Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a ministry, role or subject, or to make an extended effort to attain a goal.

However large or small a church or ministry is, it is the ministry leadership, ministry partners at all levels that can make it or break it. This holds true not only for the people we hire on a regular basis, but also for ministry volunteers.

It is as important to research and study the needs, drives, and expectations of people we hire or employ and/or recruit, and aim at responding to and satisfying those, as it is with regard to ministries vision, values and goals.

5 Minute Leadership” motivates leadership and organizations to run/build their ministries more effectively via the use of training tools, ministry assessments, just in time resources, workshop events…etc.

The core motivations for starting a ministry include almost always both practical and spiritual primary goals, which lead to the differences on how ministry leaders operate and running the ministry after launching it.

We not only motivate the leadership ministry community but also cover the following:

* Ministry Coaching

* Time Management

* Personal Development Coaching

* Team Building and Ministry Management

We encourage the organizations to take the time to understand what motivates their teams and how they can be incentivized.

We start the encouragement by:

* Personal Assessments – Take the guess work out of hiring or recruiting ministry partners through our Internet-based assessment tool. Make sure you “hire or recruit the right people for the right ministry”.

* Ministry Development Training  – Designed to teach ministry leadership how to find, influence and recruit ministry partners and leaders. We teach you how to develop a leadership and ministry development track.

The factors that motivate you to start and grow a ministry can influence how successful you are. If you are driven by wanting to serve Christ and people, and be good at whatever you do—and not so much by position, size or esteem—you might just have more success reaching your goals.

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